Sorry for the lack of updates on here!  Super-busy gearing up for Skate Camp and trying to get a skate sesh in here and there between working at the shop.  

We’ve been getting tons of new stuff in the shop every day.  Lots of new wood–the Board Vault is overflowing!  New kicks in from Vans and more…

Shop employee, Kevin Shureb kills it!  

Thrasher at Clipper

Clipper ledge in San Francisco is one of those spots that has become as famous as the skaters who’ve busted gnarly tricks on it. If you through an NBD on Clipper, you were getting your come-ups. It’s probably had more covers than any other spot. Like Wallenberg, LOVE fountain gap, of course the OG Hubba Hideout, and Rincon, or Big T here in Detroit; Clipper is legendary for skateboarders. It’s getting torn out and Thrasher Mag held a contest there this past weekend. Here’s the edit:

Happy Birthday Carlsen!

Eric's Birthday1 from PLUSkateboarding on Vimeo.


What a fun weekend with the Red Bull Hartlines contest! We hit Rily on Friday before we cruised down there. We all had to film a trick and 74Films made it into an edit. thanks Eric!

MI Monday 5-8-15 from PLUSkateboarding on Vimeo.

Red Bull Hartlines

Day one of Red Bull’s Hartlines competition here at Hart Plaza is Killing it!   Here’s some photos I took:


MI MONDAY- Duel at Drake and Red Bull Hartlines

9th Annual Duel at Drake flyer_PLUSkateboarding



John Hebert is one of the many homies who skates for the shop and has transplanted himself to a new State. In his case, Southern California. John kills it–has for a long time. You want to switch boardslide Tappen? How ’bout do it in the POURING RAIN? John did. 12 years ago. John is the All-American kid. Super talented, polite, nice, good looking Midwestern boy! We miss you John! Thanks for sending me this clip!


Yes, we live in Hockeytown and I’ve played hockey my entire life but this Hockey is the newest board brand out of FA, with Jon Fitzgerald and Donovan Piscapo as the team so far. This video RULES.

HOCKEY from FA World Entertainment on Vimeo.

Michigan Monday!

Big contest coming up at Hart Plaza on May 8-9. Peep the press release from Red Bull: SEE YOU THERE!

Over 20 of the Best Street Skaters Descend on Hart Plaza May 8-9th for Red Bull Hart Lines

Detroit, Mich. (April 13, 2015) – Coming May 8-9th to Detroit’s Hart Plaza is a brand new street skateboarding competition from the mind of Ryan Sheckler, one of the biggest names in action sports. Red Bull Hart Lines sets out to produce a high energy, high impact skateboard event featuring an innovative new contest format and showcases over 20 of the world’s best skateboarders today. Check out the course preview video here: http://www.redbull.com/us/en/skateboarding/stories/1331716083481/ryan-sheckler-hart-lines-skateboarding-contest

A competition unlike any other, the original contest format will feature two distinctive lanes, each with its own unique set of skateable features. The course itself incorporates a mix of existing stair sets, rails and ledges in Hart Plaza, along with additional custom-built features designed by California RampWorks. Each athlete will be required to skate each lane once, then for their third run, the athlete can select either lane to better their score. The top score from each lane will then be averaged to determine the skater’s overall score. “This is a start to finish contest, including an element of speed, with a very unique course design that allows each skater to express themselves,” adds event creator and competitor Ryan Sheckler. “If I had to explain the contest and skateboarding in one word, it would be ‘fun’ and that’s what I am going for.”

With the majority of the professional skateboarding scene based in California, Sheckler aimed to bring a street competition to a place where passion collides with innovation. “Detroit is an amazing city with a rich history. Skateboarding has passion and I want to use that to impact the Midwest and skate scene as a whole.” The competition takes place over two days, with qualifiers happening on Friday between 2-5pm, and the finals running on Saturday between 2-5pm. The plaza opens at 1pm both days for spectators of all ages to come and cheer on their heroes, and the event is free and open to the public.

Sheckler is not the only big name to compete in this first year event. Many of the biggest stars in skateboarding will be on hand. Below is a full list of competitors:

1. Alec Majerus – USA – 19
2. Boo Johnson – USA – 22
3. Chris Cole – USA – 33
4. Curren Caples – USA – 19
5. David Gonzalez – COL – 24
6. David Reyes – USA – 25
7. Evan Smith – USA – 24
8. Felipe Gustavo – BR – 24
9. Ishod Wair – USA – 23
10. Justin Brock – USA – 27
11. Leo Romero – USA – 28
12. Nick Merlino – USA – 27
13. Nyjah Huston – USA – 20
14. Riley Hawk – USA – 22
15. Ryan Decenzo – CAN – 28
16. Ryan Sheckler – USA – 25
17. Sean Malto – USA – 25
18. Shane O’Neill – AU — 25
19. Torey Pudwill – USA – 24
20. Wes Kremer – USA – 25
21. Youness Amrani – BEL – 23

Dave Engerer’s Exeter part live on Thrasher site

Click the link and get hyped!   PLUS Team Rider Dave Engerer is blowing up!  Comment section rules…www.thrashermagazine.com