After 14 years of being in the basement, we are moving the shop upstairs!   Same building, same parking lot, same address even, just with a huge window and door on the sidewalk of Grand River!   I am so excited to be upstairs, have a window (sorely needed), and have a fun and exciting change at the shop.

The current location has been home to so many amazing memories, people and friends over the years.  It will be hard to leave.  I’ve already taken down stickers on the wall that I put up 14 years ago.  They have become the fabric of the shop.  It’s sad, but exciting for a new chapter!   So many pro’s have rolled through the basement, it’s crazy!   From the Element Team and Ray Barbee on 2005 KOTR, to Birdouse team (twice), DVS (Daewon!), Gilbert Crocket, Supra (MUSKA!), Jamie Thomas, and more than I can remember for this post but every time it was epic and a dream come true!

If you’d like to get over to the shop while we’re still in the basement, I recommend it!  We’ll be upstairs in early March it’s looking like.  Probably have some awkward couple days when the store is in both places!!   But yeah, we’ll continue to serve Michigan Skateboarding and hope to for the next 14 years and beyond!   Thank you for all your support!  -Rob

Today’s hours:

We will be closed today from 2:30-4pm.   Do not worry!  This is for something FUN!   Our hockey team won a practice at Joe Louis Arena!  We have to be there at 3pm.   Matt will be here at 4 to open back up.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks to Community Push for their efforts and Levi’s for throwing some money into skateboarding.  Much appreciated!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from everyone here at PLUS!   We appreciate your support over the last 13 and a half years and we will continue to support you and Michigan Skateboarding in 2017!   Looking forward to a great year of new tricks, friends, and fun!

We are closed today, Sunday the 1st, and will reopen tomorrow at 11am.  Enjoy your day.

Get SOME!! Today and Tomorrow til 6pm


Merry Michigan Monday!

Jeremy Cooper’s new vid is out!  Hope we have physical copies soon!  Lot’s of PLUS FAM homies in here!

Vans Fall 17 and we’re getting our phone fixed

Two things:   I’m ordering Vans Fall 17 so if you want to see what’s cooking from Vans for next year, cruise in and peep the catalog.  LOTS of good stuff in here…  It’s hard to narrow down!

…And I got swindled into getting rid of my landline from ATT and switching to Internet Phone.  My internet was spotty so the phone wasn’t working down here!   So, I’m switching back.  I didn’t want to do it in the first place.  Trust your instinct.   Lesson reinforced…  Phone might be down for a few today.  Please come in.  We have it!

Extended Holiday Hours

Open today at 9am!

New Thrasher Mag Detroit issue and Transworld Dylan Rieder tribute issue

Both issues are must haves and won’t be here for long!   

Tony Hawk in a PLUS tee. COOL!