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End of October SALE!

end of OCT SALE

New Balance review

REVIEW: I was excited when New Balance announced they were entering the skate footwear market...until I saw their shoes. New Balance has their own unique style and is the only major athletic footwear brand that still makes shoes in the US. Their skate line resembled rip-offs of other popular shoes with an N on the side. I felt like they could have done something New, but they took the easy route and made shoes that didn't stand out from the other shoes on the wall. Then their marketing department put out an ad on Insta or somewhere that said, "(NB# skater)'s tee flips are better than yours. This jock-type attitude made me sad because I never learned 3 flips and I thought they were making fun of me. Anytime anyone calls out their audience like we're having more fun than you, or something like that is total douchebaggery. So I didn't really like New Balance Numeric... I learned long ago that just because you don't like something doesn't mean your customers also do not like it so we brought them in the shop and gave them a try. (I tried to only order the ones that did not look like Janoskis). They didn't really sell so that made it easier to not stock them anymore. However, I still really wanted to like them! I love the aesthetic of New Balance and I hoped that they would straighten out the skate program. Their team is tight, and the new video they just dropped was sick! So we brought them in again--give em another try... I really like the two styles we got. One is the team 598. The colors and the layered suede look really clean. It's a cup sole shoe and is super comfortable. Fits similar to a Dunk but more slimmed down and lower on the collar. It's still soft enough on the toe to feel your board. I'm fully backing this style. It's $79.99 which is less expensive or right in line with a bunch of shoes that are just like this. The other NB# shoe we got is the 358, Arto Saari's pro model shoe. It's a vulcanized shoe which has a couple different materials going on throughout the shoe. It's suede with an infused rubber toe cap. It doesn't look like a Matchcourt toe cap, more like an Etnies Marana. Again, it's very comfortable. It's $84.99 which makes it a little pricey, but not any more than a Dunk or a Janoski which have both sold for years, so I think you're used to seeing that price tag for a shoe that lasts. Looks like it will last until you blow out the bottoms and they're too slippery which is all you can ask for from a good vulc. To sum it up, I'm stoked to have these shoes available for you. I'm going to take the 598s home to rock and skate. I'm looking forward to skating them. Give them a look and a try-on when you're in the shop; I think you'll be stoked on them.


Fall Classic Info Sheet

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17th Annual Fall Classic Skateboard Competition

17th annual Fall Classic flyer




SEPTEMBER 23- Beginner and Intermediate 1pm SEPTEMBER 24- Advanced 1pm

Back to School Sale!

Starting today and running through the weekend.  Save big on all your skate fashion needs for back to school!  back to school flyer

ZERO SIGNING /  DEMO!    SEE YOU AT THE SHOP!  5PM today and demo at Riley after!  20155624_10155474092004909_935104496521814095_n

Zero team will be at the shop on Aug 8th at 5pm for a signing with a demo at Riley immediately following!  STOKED FOR THIS!!  Come out and say what's up to Jamie Thomas and the rest of the ZERO team! DYING TO LIVE!