New PLUS beanies!!!

Been waiting for these! And they turned out 20 times better than I expected! Stoked!


PLUS Hoods!

Our new zip hoods from Amercan Apparel are the most comfortable, lightweight hood you can own! Small PLUS logo on the front and a big boy on the back (shown). Sizes are going quick! Come up and rep PLUS! We’re repping you all day since 2003!


More Thrasher Bake and Destroy issues

New stuff is coming in everyday! We got in more copies of Thrasher with Baker’s Bake and Destroy vid. Get them while you can!!


Welcome Skateboards

Fed Ex just dropped off our first shipment of Welcome Skateboards. Shop rider and all around rad employee Kevin Shureb approved! Kev’s been skating one if these for the last couple weeks and gave them the thumbs up. I personally think these awesomely shaped boards will become the trend in skateboarding in the future.
You don’t need a Popsicle shaped deck to do your stunts. So why not have something unique? These boards are equally functional or more so than your avg. deck. I can’t wait to skate one!!


Quiet Life

We still have a couple of these Quiet Life Aloha Pack 5 panels left. If you don’t know, Quiet Life is Andy Mueller’s company and he’s mostly known as being one of the rad artists in the Girl Art Dump. Good, clean style. We’re backing it.


Loud Headphones

We got in some new Loud headphones. These are the good-fitting ear buds similar to Scull Candy at a better price and endorsed by pro skaters Nuge, Mike Anderson, and Sammy Baca.


god. promo

Anthony Roscini, who has brought you such mega-hits as Datsnar 1,2, and 3, has a new video project in the works entitled, God. PLUS team dudes Greg Trevino and David Engerer have parts.  Check out the promo!

Team Pages and Spitfire #fearthefire Contest

I’ve been updating the team pages with new content and videos.  Click on the team tab and check them out.  I’m still working on the pages, so some guys might not be on there yet, but hopefully they will today!

If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen that we won the Spitfire Wheels #FEARTHEFIRE contest!!  Hyped!  Thanks Spitfire and thanks Kevin who hooked up an amazing ‘Halloween’ Spitfire wheel display!  Way to go Kev!

Politic Skateboards

Straight out of Boston comes Politic Skateboards.  Good shapes, good graphics.  Skater owned.  What more can you ask for?  Skate something different next deck.  Check out Politic!

DC Chris Cole S Brown/Gum

So, as you can see, I’m working on a new website design here. Have to thank Josh Rubin for hooking it up and helping me through it. Basically the goal of the new site is for it to be easier to navigate on your phone, ipad, etc.

Also, trying to take a baby step into the whole online sales thing.  Most of you (hopefully) will not need to worry about that so much as you’ll be in the shop and we can say hi and talk to you in person.  But as more and more of our friends have moved away (and still want that sweet, sweet, PLUS flavor), we’ve been getting lots of requests to buy stuff online… So, reluctantly we’ll see how it goes.  My goal for that is to start slow with some basic goodness, and try to have fun with it and maybe offer some limited online joints?  Who knows!  Onward and upward–always changing, never standing still…just like skateboarding.

We got in these sick new DC Chris Cole S in brown/gum today.  Check ’em out and come into the shop and try them on.  I think you’ll agree, these shoes are putting DC back on the map…