REED Wheels!

REED Wheels come to us from Chicago. Homie Marisa Dal Santo is on the team.  They sent Mike Krok a couple sets so maybe you'll see him on their team page soon?! Skater owned Midwest product? Yes please. 20121107-142221.jpg


Hyped Jesse was in town!!


Penny Skateboards GoPro Boardshop Challenge

Penny Skateboards picked 14 shops in the country to submit a video clip using a Penny and s GoPro. It's up to you to vote!! Go to the Penny site and see the vids! VOTE FOR PLUS!! (Our vid will be posted on their site Nov. 12-19.). You can see the first 10 shops vids now.


Vote and save $.

Bring in your 'I VOTED' sticker today and get 10% OFF your entire purchase!


CONS CTS Varsity Red

These classic CONS CTS just came in! If you haven't skated a pair of CONS, you should. The memory foam in the footbed is so comfortable. I skated a pair of these canvas ones and I didn't think I'd love them 'cause I don't usually skate vulc's, but I never took them off! Try them on next time you're in the shop.


New PLUS beanies!!!

Been waiting for these! And they turned out 20 times better than I expected! Stoked!  

PLUS Hoods!

Our new zip hoods from Amercan Apparel are the most comfortable, lightweight hood you can own! Small PLUS logo on the front and a big boy on the back (shown). Sizes are going quick! Come up and rep PLUS! We're repping you all day since 2003!


More Thrasher Bake and Destroy issues

New stuff is coming in everyday! We got in more copies of Thrasher with Baker's Bake and Destroy vid. Get them while you can!!


Welcome Skateboards

Fed Ex just dropped off our first shipment of Welcome Skateboards. Shop rider and all around rad employee Kevin Shureb approved! Kev's been skating one if these for the last couple weeks and gave them the thumbs up. I personally think these awesomely shaped boards will become the trend in skateboarding in the future. You don't need a Popsicle shaped deck to do your stunts. So why not have something unique? These boards are equally functional or more so than your avg. deck. I can't wait to skate one!!


Quiet Life

We still have a couple of these Quiet Life Aloha Pack 5 panels left. If you don't know, Quiet Life is Andy Mueller's company and he's mostly known as being one of the rad artists in the Girl Art Dump. Good, clean style. We're backing it.