Red Bull Hartlines Edit

Hartlines 2016 FINAL from PLUSkateboarding on Vimeo.


Today is a big day at PLUS!  Pat Galloway, who has been on the PLUS team since we opened is going PRO for Coda Skateboards out of NYC!   Today is his official board release party at the Wig downtown.  We have his boards and you can pick one up today for a discount downtown!  So stoked for Pat–truly deserved.  First dude on the squad to have this honor.  Come down to the Wig and celebrate with us!
Pat's Pro flyer insta

Memorial Day SALE!
memorial day sale copy

Raney Beres for Spitfire Wheels

Ride the fire.

Thrasher KOTR

This year, Thrasher Magazine’s yearly road-trip contest, King of the Road is going to be on tv on Viceland.  I don’t know if I have that channel personally but I hope I do!  PLUS has had a hand in two different King of the Roads.  The two that came to Michigan, in 2005 I think, team Element came and we helped them with a bunch of challenges including painting Jeremy Wray as a member of ICP here in the shop!   Legends Ray Barbee, Mike Vallely, and Tosh Townsend were on that trip.   Then, team Birdhouse came through last year.  We fully helped them win.   They take it seriously and we helped with so many crazy challenges, it was really fun!  Birdhouse is on it again this year and we hope they three-peat!

Watch the video history here.  It’s intense and the shop is in the vid!!

2016 Presidential Candidate breakdown

Our friends at Jenkem wrote a great piece about each 2016 Presidential candidate and where they stand on issues that effect skateboarders.  It’s a great read and will help you to make an informed decision come election day.  Read it here.

10th Annual Duel at Drake!

2016 duelatdrake_flyer

Michigan Monday!

Every Monday here in the shop, we play nothing but Michigan videos on the TV and celebrate what a rad scene we have here in this great state we live in. This past weekend wasn’t very nice to us as far as the weather goes but it’s supposed to turn this week and next weekend looks good!
If you didn’t get a chance to make it out to Modern Skatepark for the Red Bull demo, I found a little edit of it that shows most of what went down. That’s all leading up to the Red Bull Hartlines competition that will be May 14-15 this year. How rad is it that we have a major pro skate competition here to start off our Summer!

Michigan Monday!

What’s up everyone! So, we’ve been getting hammered with new stuff every day! New shoes, boards, clothing and more in stock! Cruise in and see what’s new.

Dom Palarchio: Proof Sheet

Our friend Cam Strand hooked up fellow Michigan photog Dom Palarchio with a Proof Sheet on the Transworld Skateboarding site! That’s sick Dom! I don’t know Dom well, but I know the photos I’ve seen of his are always great. No surprise to see him on the national spotlight. Bunch of photos of PLUS team and homies! Read it here. Michigan skateboarding goes!

Michigan Monday! Stockpile- Kyle Eby

Kyle Eby has a new project called Stockpile where he’s taking footage from the last 5 years at a certain spot and compiled it into one edit. First one is Harrison High School seven stair set and rail. Peep it.