Preservation Skateboards: Isolation

Charlie Thomas is a longtime homie. I think I first met him when Hollywood Skateboards came around back in the early 2000s. He has a board brand our of New Orleans called Preservation Skateboards. They just released their first video, Isolation. Check it out!

ISOLATION VIDEO from Preservation Board Co. on Vimeo.

Brian Anderson is AWESOME

It's been widely known in the skateboard community that 1999 Thrasher Mag Skateboarder of the Year, 1999 World Champion and all-around super bad-ass-style-master, Brian Anderson is gay. Nobody cared obviously because skateboarding is about skateboarding and nothing else really matters which then makes you realize that in life, things like sexual preference don't matter. He came out publicly in this video, and it's really awesome and inspiring. Skateboarding rules and so does Brian. It's a great watch. Couple swears so be warned.

Michigan Monday!

Danger Boys put together 2:42 of awesome footy for the Shorts Video night. Peep it!


Sorry for the lack of updates! Technical difficulties! Lot's of stuff since last post... Fall Classic. I'll have a run down on that soon. Props to Elijah, Cayden and Mike Krok for winning their divisions... Emerica Made 2 premier tonight! 8pm at the shop. We'll be showing this too: Jeremy Cooper just dropped an edit featuring a bunch of the homies and PLUS Team riders. Check it!!

Summer Update

Summer is in full swing and we've been busy having fun on our boards, running Skate Camp, and trying to keep up with all the new, rad stuff coming into the shop! The website updates get pushed to a lower priority so I'm sorry I haven't updated in a week or two... So, what's been up? We've been getting all the new Fall lines in the shop. New shoes from Adidas, Emerica, Nike SB, Vans, Converse, Lakai, and more have been lining the shoe wall. New clothing, new boards, new everything! If you haven't been to the shop lately, or if you came last week, we've got something new for you to see! Come back! We have a TON of t-shirts HALF OFF!! Vans youth shoes for $19.99... LOTS OF SALE STUFF! Jeff Scroggs Bye Bye Bowl has been seeing serious sessions. We don't get a backyard pool to skate in SE Michigan very often, so when a fellow skater has one in his backyard, even for a short time, it's on! I got my wheels on the tile, but that's about it. Grinds and airs have been documented and that's no joke. The deep end of a backyard pool is not like any skatepark bowl. We're talking 9' deep with 5' trannys. TIGHT! Plus Skateboard Camp is going at Riley and Drake Park. What that means to most of you is that the park is closed from 9-3pm for Camp. Thank you for your patients and understanding. Camp is going great! I love teaching the kids what skateboarding is (fun!) (whatever you want it to be), and what it's not (competition). I love skateboarding and want it to remain what it was for me coming up, and that is a refuge for creative, free-thinkers and doers. The kids really respond to that and it makes me realize that kids don't get alot of that in their current lives. Spreading the stoke of skateboarding is what Skateboard Camp is all about. Thank you for your support of PLUSkateboarding throughout the years. July 11 will mark 13 years of service to the skateboard community. That's a long time for a skateboard shop, but in many ways I still feel like the new kid on the block. Always trying to get better and not stay stagnant. Thanks for the ride. I'll try to post more!

Pat’s Pro Video!

Our shop rider and longtime friend, Pat Galloway has a pro model board out of Coda Skateboards out of NYC. Pat's part is up on the TWS site. Check it out!

Red Bull Hartlines Edit

Hartlines 2016 FINAL from PLUSkateboarding on Vimeo.


Today is a big day at PLUS!  Pat Galloway, who has been on the PLUS team since we opened is going PRO for Coda Skateboards out of NYC!   Today is his official board release party at the Wig downtown.  We have his boards and you can pick one up today for a discount downtown!  So stoked for Pat--truly deserved.  First dude on the squad to have this honor.  Come down to the Wig and celebrate with us! Pat's Pro flyer insta Memorial Day SALE! memorial day sale copy

Raney Beres for Spitfire Wheels

Ride the fire.

Thrasher KOTR

This year, Thrasher Magazine's yearly road-trip contest, King of the Road is going to be on tv on Viceland.  I don't know if I have that channel personally but I hope I do!  PLUS has had a hand in two different King of the Roads.  The two that came to Michigan, in 2005 I think, team Element came and we helped them with a bunch of challenges including painting Jeremy Wray as a member of ICP here in the shop!   Legends Ray Barbee, Mike Vallely, and Tosh Townsend were on that trip.   Then, team Birdhouse came through last year.  We fully helped them win.   They take it seriously and we helped with so many crazy challenges, it was really fun!  Birdhouse is on it again this year and we hope they three-peat! Watch the video history here.  It's intense and the shop is in the vid!!