Fall Classic Day One

Today was the Beginner and Intermediate divisions of the 15th Annual Fall Classic.  Weather sucked-typical for Fall Classic!  Cold, windy and intermittent rain.  Did that dampen our mood?  HELL NO!   We charged on and the skaters killed it!  Actually when it was dry, it was great skate weather, just not great for sitting and announcing!  

All the beginner skaters killed it.  Cayden Byington who comes from Grand Rapids area for the contest took home first place beating out a surprised Jason Simmons who had great style.  Local Antonio Keka took third.    

 Intermediate had double the competitors of beginner which made it fun.  Alante Wilsin cruised to first with a fast, powerful style.  Brandon Zuzak got second, and plusfam Kiernan Fitzsimmons got third. Intermediate is filled with dudes who could compete in Advanced.  Lots of great skating in that division. 

 After Intermediate, we held the annual Tic Tac Race.  The Tic Tac race is open to anyone who’s at the park.  It’s meant to remind everyone that skateboarding is fun and should not be taken seriously!   Tony Christopher tic-tac’d his little heart out and took first.  Repeat winner!  

We ask had two special ‘Styley Rider’ awards presented by Bob’s Boards.  Custom boards were awarded to the skater who showed style throughout the contest as judged by Bob’s Boards owner RJ Mcguire.  Winners were Elijah Abrams and Jalen Elkins. 

 Thanks to all the sponsors of the event–I’ll have a list up soon.  Thanks to Alfredo Meyers, aka DJ Rapidfire.  Thanks to Josh Rubin and Tony Christopher who were the judges.  And thanks to RJ Mcguire who was timekeeper and helped with setup and tear down.   Couldn’t do it without you guys.  Thank you!  

Fall Classic info

This Saturday and Sunday is our 15th annual Fall Classic.  Saturday is beginner and intermediate. Registration starts at 10 AM. Contest begin at 1 PM. The annual tic Tac race follows intermediate on Saturday.  Registration fee for beginner and intermediate is $20.

Sunday is advanced. We start with street contest at 1 PM. Followed by snake run and big bowl to finish up the day. We have over $1000 in cash for top 10 in advanced Street. Registration starts at 10 AM. 

I just finished painting the trophies.



Here’s some rad shredding from some of our friends:


Kev made a video with some recent digi cam footage.
Starring: Kruton, Shrubs, BeHeard, RyGuy, Drizzy, Eskimo, Craig, Phlops

David Engerer in Pyramid Country’s Ripplescape!

Our team rider David Engerer and the Pyramid Country squad traveled around from the Great Lakes to the East Coast and came through with this epic video. Yeah David!

So much new stuff!

All the Fall lines have been arriving daily here and the shop is stocked!   So much good stuff! 

  New jackets, hoods, crew necks, tees and hats from Poler.  
  New PLUS tees!  
 New Classic High and Low from HUF.

Fall Classic 2015

Fall Classic flyer1

Back to School SALE!

Our annual Back to School SALE starts today and goes through the weekend!
2015 Back to School sale

Red Bull Hartlines

NBC will air Red Bull Hartlines this Saturday at 4pm. Make sure you watch it. Count how many PLUS logo’s you see and look for a special sale if you know the correct number! Check out this promo they made staring our good buddy, Derrick Dykas.

Michigan Monday! Ledge G.o.S.

Street Bird has an edit up of our 11th annual Ledge Game of S.K.A.T.E.! Ā Peep it!