Closed at 7 today

Closed early today due to lack of anyone coming in....


PLUS team homies Kyle Eby and Alex Knox have been working on a new part for the last 6 months. ROSA is the new video featuring Knox, Zach Horkan and a list of Michigan rippers. Great work by Michigan's premier filmer, Kyle Eby. Thumbs up PLUS FAM! ROSA has some tees and more coming to PLUS this week. Might want to get up here and pre-buy it 'cause it's extremely limited.

Anti Hero skates a ditch

I wish this spot was close to me.

PLUS x TRP Contest!!

I'm excited to announce we're holding a contest at Transitions! I don't remember a 'run' contest ever happening at the park and we're stoked to put one on! Sunday, February 28th. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced divisions. Tons of prizes from our friends at HUF, Stance Socks, Spitfire, Thunder, Real, and Thrasher! The park opens at 10am and the beginner division will start at noon. Intermediate and Advanced will follow. If you're skating a PLUS board, we'll waive your entry fee! Thanks to Transitions for working with us and letting us run the contest there! trp_plus_flyer_WEB

Michigan Monday- Streets Montage

Happy Michigan Monday! It's sunny and dry out there, get it! Remember the Streets? Doesn't seem like it's been over 2 years since it's been gone. Here's a montage we filmed after we brought up the parking block. Good stuff boys!

streets sesh final from PLUSkateboarding on Vimeo.

New PLUS ‘Slimeball’ tees



Went to Transitions last night with Jackson. He wasn't feeling it but it was cool. Had fun for 20 minutes or so... It was nice to get back on the board. Man that place is a throwback! Makes me grateful for what we have now with all the amazing outdoor parks... Lot's of scraping the wheels against the wall to remove all the shit that collects making it impossible for your wheels to get grip on the ramps or floor. Definitely fun to be had there for sure. We're planning a contest there for this Winter; just trying to finalize a date. More on that soon... It's shaping up like a nice day today. High 30s, low 40s and sunny? Hoody weather! Go skate.

Johnny Wilson- Sure

I'll be the first to admit, i'm slipping when it comes to videos posted to the internet. Well, I came across this 'best of' list posted on Quartersnacks and this was the first one I watched. Great skating and an all-around fun edit that made me want to spend a Summer chilling downtown, skating with the homies.

Sure from John Wilson on Vimeo.

Here's the best of list if you're in need of internet skate-porn.

Michigan Monday Street Bird EP #10

SWEET ’16!

Happy New Year everyone! Here's to a great 2016! My hope for 2016 is for us all to land new tricks, smile more often, high five our friends, and stay healthy! We've got some rad stuff planned for 2016 here at PLUS! I hope to see you all at the shop! Thanks again for supporting us. We'll keep supporting you.