Michigan Monday! JUICE!

PLUS Team rider, Matt Hebert has a new part coming up in Jeremy Coopers vid: Human Error. Can’t wait to see it!

Michgan Monday! – Ruin the Market

Nobody in Michigan Skateboarding is out there more than PLUS team rider Robert Gutowski, aka Street Bird.  He’s out skating and filming every day and night and just dropped his newest vid, Ruin the Market filmed exclusively in and around Eastern Market in Detroit.   Check out the Street Bird blog and see what new spots are being uncovered in Detroit!

Black Friday Deals!

Black Friday Sale Deals Sat

Black Friday

2015 Black Friday Sale

Michigan Monday – Human Error

Jeremy Cooper is making a new video staring some PLUS homies and he just made the first promo.  It’s called Human Error and it looks like it’s going to be another Michigan banger!  Peep the promo:

See Spot Skate!

See Spot Shred is a new book from our friend Dylan Goldberger.  Dylan is an artist from Brooklyn.  This is his first book and is written and illustrated by him.  It’s amazing!    IT’s the “first ever alphabet picture book about skateboarding dogs.”  !!!   This is perfect gift for any skateboarder of any age!! 12237025_146913488997875_833080741_n

20% off Long-sleeve clothing through Friday!


20% OFF ALL LONGSLEEVES through 11/13!

We are overstocked!   Holiday lines are coming in daily!  See, the problem is, I’m a fan of this stuff that we sell.  So, I buy it all for the shop so I can have it!  BUT, I have to pay for it!  That’s where you come in!  You need to come buy it off me!  Then I will have money to BUY MORE STUFF I LIKE to sell to you!   Everything in here is sweet!  Trust me.  You will look good and be happy.   Today- Friday the 13th (spooky!), all longsleeves are 20% off!  That’ll save you $10 on a $50 hoodie!   Put that $10 in your gas tank on PLUS!   You’re welcome!

If you like things that rule, check this video out.

Alien Workshop Bunker Down

Just watched the Alien Workshop video, Bunker Down.   So good!  The Sect is back!  Hyped.  Thrasher said it, and it’s true.  Skateboarding needs Alien Workshop.   Awesome to see Detroit spots all throughout the video.  Watch it and get stoked to go shred.

New stuff in the shop DAILY!   Today we received all new Altamont Holiday apparel.  Bunch of new goodness!  Also new PLUS beanies and hats.  New wood from Almost, Enjoi, Cliche, CHocolate, Anti Hero, Zero, DGK, and more!

Michigan Monday! HEBERT!

PLUS FAM Matt Hebert sent me a little edit for Michigan Monday! Thanks Juice!

New Brixton today! RAD APPAREL!