Here’s some rad shredding from some of our friends:


Kev made a video with some recent digi cam footage.
Starring: Kruton, Shrubs, BeHeard, RyGuy, Drizzy, Eskimo, Craig, Phlops

David Engerer in Pyramid Country’s Ripplescape!

Our team rider David Engerer and the Pyramid Country squad traveled around from the Great Lakes to the East Coast and came through with this epic video. Yeah David!

So much new stuff!

All the Fall lines have been arriving daily here and the shop is stocked!   So much good stuff! 

  New jackets, hoods, crew necks, tees and hats from Poler.  
  New PLUS tees!  
 New Classic High and Low from HUF.

Fall Classic 2015

Fall Classic flyer1

Back to School SALE!

Our annual Back to School SALE starts today and goes through the weekend!
2015 Back to School sale

Red Bull Hartlines

NBC will air Red Bull Hartlines this Saturday at 4pm. Make sure you watch it. Count how many PLUS logo’s you see and look for a special sale if you know the correct number! Check out this promo they made staring our good buddy, Derrick Dykas.

Michigan Monday! Ledge G.o.S.

Street Bird has an edit up of our 11th annual Ledge Game of S.K.A.T.E.! Ā Peep it!


Skate Camp!

This week we have Skate Camp at Drake Park in West Bloomfield.   Park is closed for camp from 9-3pm.   

Clawson Skate Park

Michigan just hit another amazing skatepark thanks to our friends at Evergreen Skateparks.   August 9this the Grand Opening and were holding a contest and a PLUS Team demo.