Fall Classic Info Sheet

17th Annual Fall Classic Skateboard Competition



SEPTEMBER 23- Beginner and Intermediate 1pm SEPTEMBER 24- Advanced 1pm

Back to School Sale!

Starting today and running through the weekend.  Save big on all your skate fashion needs for back to school!  

ZERO SIGNING /  DEMO!    SEE YOU AT THE SHOP!  5PM today and demo at Riley after!  

Zero team will be at the shop on Aug 8th at 5pm for a signing with a demo at Riley immediately following!  STOKED FOR THIS!!  Come out and say what’s up to Jamie Thomas and the rest of the ZERO team!

Blind Reissues! Mark Gonzales, Jason Lee, Rudy Johnson classic skateboards!

BUY NOW!  These won’t last long!   Originally released in 1991 as a F-you to Powell Peralta, these three graphics are pretty much in the ‘hall of fame’ of best skateboard graphics of all time.  Art by the legendary Marc McKee.  These boards are screen-printed top and bottom graphic.   I only got two of […]

Anti Hero premier! Tuesday 25th 8pm!

July 12

On July 12, 2003 we accepted our first dollar.  That was 14 years ago.   I will not forget our first sale down in the basement.  It was for a Spitfire air freshner!   We had some excitement from some local kids as I was setting up the shop.  They were coming down and seeing […]