20% OFF ALL LONGSLEEVES through 11/13!

We are overstocked!   Holiday lines are coming in daily!  See, the problem is, I’m a fan of this stuff that we sell.  So, I buy it all for the shop so I can have it!  BUT, I have to pay for it!  That’s where you come in!  You need to come buy it off […]

Alien Workshop Bunker Down

Just watched the Alien Workshop video, Bunker Down.   So good!  The Sect is back!  Hyped.  Thrasher said it, and it’s true.  Skateboarding needs Alien Workshop.   Awesome to see Detroit spots all throughout the video.  Watch it and get stoked to go shred. New stuff in the shop DAILY!   Today we received all […]

Michigan Monday! HEBERT!

PLUS FAM Matt Hebert sent me a little edit for Michigan Monday! Thanks Juice! New Brixton today! RAD APPAREL!

Since last post…

Lot’s of fun stuff coming into the shop and in the works. New shoes every day. Vans, Nike SB, Adidas, Emerica and more… Lot’s of Winter collection clothing… Store is packed! New PLUS boards featuring art by PLUS FAM Matt Hebert coming soon. We still have a good selection of sizes of Nik Charette’s Octo-PLUS […]


Since last post… Gilbert Crocket came into the shop! Never know who’ll be in here when you come in! See his interview in the new Thrasher? Killing it! Can’t wait to see what Detroit footy he gets! New HUFxBronze pack. So tight! Full 3M reflective garments for the sophisticated individual. I’ve been stacking footage for […]

Michigan Monday!

Congrats to PLUS Fam, Brent Behm who took 1st in Advanced at the Fall Classic!    Check out PLUS Fam, Randy Smith on the Stilligrapher site.  Rad photos and write-up.  Killing it Randy!

Fall Classic Day One

Today was the Beginner and Intermediate divisions of the 15th Annual Fall Classic.  Weather sucked-typical for Fall Classic!  Cold, windy and intermittent rain.  Did that dampen our mood?  HELL NO!   We charged on and the skaters killed it!  Actually when it was dry, it was great skate weather, just not great for sitting and […]

Fall Classic info

This Saturday and Sunday is our 15th annual Fall Classic.  Saturday is beginner and intermediate. Registration starts at 10 AM. Contest begin at 1 PM. The annual tic Tac race follows intermediate on Saturday.  Registration fee for beginner and intermediate is $20. Sunday is advanced. We start with street contest at 1 PM. Followed by […]


Here’s some rad shredding from some of our friends:


Kev made a video with some recent digi cam footage. Starring: Kruton, Shrubs, BeHeard, RyGuy, Drizzy, Eskimo, Craig, Phlops