July 12

On July 12, 2003 we accepted our first dollar.  That was 14 years ago.   I will not forget our first sale down in the basement.  It was for a Spitfire air freshner!   We had some excitement from some local kids as I was setting up the shop.  They were coming down and seeing if we were open and I'm although I cannot remember the kids name who bought the air fresher, I'm remember it fondly.    I'm so happy I had the thought to write the date on the dollar when I saved it! I've said this before but the first time the phone rang at the shop was such a trip!  How did they know the number?!  So exciting!  It was like, 'ok, we're real now, people are calling!'   I try to remember that excitement and keep it true to this day.  Having anyone come in, call, read this, is truly an honor. I opened PLUS because I love skateboarding.   Sometimes I don't even know why I love it so much!  I have many interests; skateboarding is not the only thing in my life, but I do feel a reverence toward skateboarding and those who have made it what I love that I want to contribute to that.  Skateboarding is the most powerful activity.   Just look at all the money spent trying to stop it!   It transcends more than the act of doing it.    I'm so happy to share this passion I have with you and that you are willing to support this love so I can keep doing it!  THANK YOU! I've met so many rad people and have become friends with most of them through the shop.  I've seen alot of people grow up in 14 years both in skateboarding and in life.   It has given me a perspective on how fast kids grow up that I am happy to have with my own kids. My skateboarding has certainly changed in 14 years!   I went from being out skating and filming every day to having to put a knee brace on just to putz around once a week or so (if I'm lucky).   I have kids now who both skate and enjoy it.  I don't film nearly as much as I'd like but I do still really enjoy the art of doing it.   Even though I'm not out there as much as I'd like or as I was, I still love it and still really enjoy being at the shop. Thank you for all your support.  Please keep coming into the shop.   As skateboarders we have the duty to support our local shop so the shop can support the scene.  I know it's convenient to buy online and it may take some sacrifice to come in, but it is worth it!   I loved going to shops coming up and I hope you love coming into PLUS!   Here's to 14 more years. -Rob
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