Skate Videos

Skateboard videos are embedded in skateboard culture as much as magazines or God forgive me, Instagram.  Ever since Powell Peralta put out Bones Brigade Video Show in the 1980s (too lazy to look up the actual year) (1985?), watching skate videos has been on every skaters breakfast, lunch and dinner plate.  No doubt watching videos got many  into skateboarding in the first place. With the advent of youtube and instagram, skateboard videos have become less important to the companies who made them.   Mostly it's all single parts straight to Thrasher site.  Video magazines like 411 and Logic are long gone.  Now the best we can hope for is one major video every year or two, and a handful of local and independent vids.  But boy do we look forward to those. I'm not sure if most kids coming up skating today even have a dvd player but I hope they do.  Owning a physical copy of a video (album, magazine, book, etc) is so important and only gets more important as you grow older and can look back on it.  I cherish my video collection.  It's a time warp to when that video came out.   Memories of the premier, or my skating, or my feelings about the video, skater, fashion, my life, etc. all come back when I see the video box.    You can have 100 of those memories in 5 minutes just by looking at your collection on a shelf! I hope skateboard companies still make physical copies of DVDs.   As a skater, you put so much time and effort into making this video part.  The skater and the filmer deserve to have it made into a physical piece of art.  All that blood, sweat and smiles compiled into a digital file that comes and goes so fast that no one will remember to look for it in weeks let alone years.  It's lost. Since I know you most likely don't have a VCR, here is the first skate video I ever bought back in 1995.  411 issue 11.   I still have it in the box.
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